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I have always believed that the meaning of our existence is so much more than we experience on a physical level.  As a small girl, I had profound experiences that allowed me to see past the veil, connect with spirit & channel source energy.


As these events increased, so did my desire to understand what I was experiencing and why.  I dedicated myself to study, expanding my psychic abilities by growing my

8 clair-abilities. I studied divination practices from all over the world, finding I connected most strongly with Channeling, Tarot & Oracle cards.

I studied traditional Shamanic healing and divination techniques with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, which further expanded my understanding of global mythology and symbolism. I was then led to the healing power of Reiki, which was so transformative in my own life, that I committed myself to sharing this healing practice with others, by training to become a Reiki Master.


Through this lifetime process of learning and expanding, I have come to understand that we are spiritual, energetic beings having a physical experience in a Universe of duality.  The road ahead presents us with challenges and opportunities designed for our soul's growth.  By embracing this experience and surrendering to our life's purpose, we not only fall into alignment, but that alignment brings us immense joy and peace.  


My hope is that through our work together, you will find the strength to step into your own power and alignment. Finding the understanding and guidance that you need to shine your own unique light into the world.

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